“Anywhere can be your farm!” Happy City Farmed Limited was established in 2013, our mission is set to educate people to grow their own vegetables. No matter how big or small the space, we can have our own garden, and become a happy city farmer.
We offer a wide variety of equipment needed to grow your food such as seeds, organic soils, organic fertilizers, and a selection of gardening tools. We actively promote the fun of planting to schools and charities, and help them design and build gardens that are most suitable for their space.

Not only we are knowledgeable in traditional soil farming, we also have the experience in Hydroponic Farming. We assisted Farm Direct®️ in building their outdoor hydroponic farm in New Territories.

Happy City Farmer Limited encourages everyone to be urban farmers, to grow food at balconies and rooftops, and to live in a sustainable community. We believe by growing your own food, you are completely in control of the planting process and less concerned with the food safety. Not only you will eat healthily, growing food and vegetables at home also allows you to live healthily.

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